VIII Encuentro de Alcaldes de la Región Cajamarca

Alcalde Pepe Hoyos y autoridades en conjunto recibe merecido reconocimiento por Obtener el PRIMER LUGAR en el VIII Encuentro de Alcaldes de la Red de Municipios y Comunidades saludables de la Región Cajamarca que se desarrolló los días 29 y 30 de Noviembre en la provincia de Celendín – sede éste año, donde participaron 76 Municipalidades con exposición de Alcaldes distritales y provinciales sobre experiencias exitosas articuladamente con el Sector Salud.
Donde básicamente sobresalió la exposición de nuestro alcalde respecto a la implementación con un equipo odontológico para nuestro distrito, de esa manera mejorando la salud de madres gestantes y niños menores de cinco años. Considerando que Eduardo Villanueva es una municipalidad muy pequeña y sin recursos pero logra invertir en lo esencial que es salud.



La Municipalidad Distrital Eduardo Villanueva realizo el mejoramiento de diversos sistemas de agua potable implementando asi los sistemas de cloración automática mejorando asi la calidad de vida de cada uno de nuestros pobladores de nuestra grama querida, en consecuencia de hombres y mujeres, niños y niñas que representan el futuro.

Hablamos con resultados y mejoras para nuestro pueblo la grama progresa porque su gente trabaja…!!!

Unidos progresamos



Los campeones son:
PRIMER LUGAR: Equipo del Centro Poblado de Campo Alegre.
SEGUNDO LUGAR: Equipo del Centro Poblado de Aguas Calientes.
TERCER LUGAR: Equipo San Juan – La Grama.
CUARTO LUGAR: Equipo las gardeñas – La Grama.
Premios: 1° puesto 2000, 2° puesto 1500, 3° puesto 1000 y 4° puesto 500 soles respectivamente; otorgados por su Municipalidad de Eduardo Villanueva – La Grama, representada por su alcalde José Noe Hoyos Rodriguez.
El presidente del comité organizador Wilman Olortegui Abanto; manifesto en su participación de clausura, el fútbol une vínculos de amistad que une a los pueblos; ademas debemos de limar asperezas y unir pensamientos y hacer un plan estratégico para que el fútbol de La Grama siga creciendo, puntualiza felicito a los participantes y se entrego los premios respectivos a cada delegado participante.



La Municipalidad Distrital Eduardo Villanueva mediante resolución de alcaldía n°027-2016-mdev/a reconoce y felicita a las instituciones educativas de nuestro distrito quienes nos representaron a nuestro distrito en la etapa regional del campeonato ínter escolar de ajedrez, natación, atletismo, voleibol logrando meritoria participación, demostrando un amplio interés en la práctica de los deportes que contribuye en el desarrollo integral de los alumnos, en la misma nuestra autoridad edil hace un reconocimiento y felicita a los padres de familia, alumnos, y docentes por su destacada participación en los juegos nacionales 2016 en las diferentes categorías.

Cardinals searching director pleads guilty to hacking Astros

the former director of scouting for the St. Louis Cardinals pleaded guilty in federal court Friday to hacking the player personnel database of the Houston Astros in an unusual case of high tech cheating involving two major league baseball clubs. The 35 year old Correa was the Cardinals director of baseball invention until he was fired last summer.

In a five page charging article, Prosecutors accused Correa of improperly data in 2013 an Excel file of the Astros scouting list of every eligible player for that year draft. They say he also improperly viewed Astros notes of trade conversations, The Astros main draft page and a scouting page that listed info on Houston prospects. complete picture of the included statistics and notes on recent performance and injuries.

The Justice Department said Correa illegally accessed facts and techniques ahead of critical baseball events, Such as on the morning of the 2013 amateur draft and before that summer non waiver trade due date.

The Astros rely heavily on sabermetrics in their evaluation of players and have been open about the fact that they use a database called Ground Control to house proprietary information. through 2014, The Houston Chronicle had find report on the database, Noting the team even had a director of decision sciences and that numerous statistics to contract information to scouting reports were stored at a web address protected by a password.

The data breach was first reported in June 2014 when Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow, A former Cardinals personnel, Said the team had been the victim of hackers. Some of the information was posted online.

previous July, The Cardinals fired Correa in what was thought to be the first known fallout from the scandal. the c’s did not say why he was let go, And Correa lawyers, Nicholas Williams, Said in an argument that his client denied any illegal conduct.

Relevant inquiry should be what documents did former St. Louis Cardinals mechanics steal from the St.

The Astros retain Luhnow, The Cardinals former scouting and player advancement executive, As gm in December 2011, And he has helped turn the team from a laughingstock into a competitor. Luhnow was a key figure in the Cardinals own database, nicknamed Redbird. At least one former Cardinals member of staff Sig Mejdal, A former NASA employee and business results expert joined Luhnow in Houston.

Luhnow has not commented at length about the case, Though he told Sports Illustrated that poor password protection was not to blame for the access. He also denied he used any of the Cardinals mental property or information from Redbird to create Houston database.

The Cardinals retained the Dowd Bennett law firm to handle an internal inquiry several months before the June 2015 disclosure that the FBI was investigating whether the team hacked into the Astros database. legal and tax advise for the firm has said high level executives for the Cardinals were not involved and team chairman Bill DeWitt Jr. Blamed the alleged hack on behaviour by a handful of men and women.

MLB said it co operated fully with the federal investigation and would consider steps on its own only after the www.authenticsuperbowljerseys.com undercover process was complete.

The Cardinals are among baseball most useful franchises on and off the field. Only the New York Yankees have won more World Series titles as compared to the 11 won by St. Louis, Which is among the finest drawing teams in all of sports. The Astros and Cardinals were rivals in the national League Central Division until Houston moved to the American League in 2013.

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With its current season of 0 wins and 11 losses, the Detroit Lions team is higher than just a thorn in the sides of fans and ticket holders who have shelled out bad money after hazardous. The Lions are not necessarily a national joke any. They are the word-that-shall-not-be-mentioned every Monday from coast to seacoast. They are not just seconds away . matter of utter shame for resident fans of those hometown; they are the reason people talk seriously when thinking about the team being permanently scrapped.

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The athlete at third cannot get captured “looking and / or sitting” also after his or her secondary steer. The athlete must break oh no – the bag into the foul brand to stop a throw from your catcher towards third put faith on should the software happen. Most shielding teams cannot contest your runner moving to 2nd socle. This tends to make the Phony Squeeze nearly a risk-free route to steal 2nd base.
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Basic Principles Of Football Betting

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John Lackey has been horrendous in his time the new Red Sox. But, again, I battle to believe that Epstein, being the sabermetrician that he is, enjoy wanted Lackey pitching in Fenway Park. He was obviously aware of implement of statistics-that Lackey was 2-5 along with a 5.75 ERA in nine career starts at Fenway prior to his placing your john hancock. But the casual fan’s memory is short term, and what the Red Sox ownership was remembering was Lackey nearly no-hitting Boston in 2008 and then shutting the actual Red Sox for 7 1/3 innings in the game within the 2009 ALDS.

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After Disease, Phish dusted off cheap jerseys China a well rare classic, Destiny Unbound, which, including Fenway, had only been played twice since 1991(the other being 2.28.03). This gem was undoubtedly a highlight for everyone there. A download of Destiny Unbound from quite a few.15.91 can be found here.

His record since then has not been that great, including giving up outfielder David Murphy (who has the nice career with the Texas Rangers) for Eric Gagne in 2007.

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“There constantly 31 disappointed teams at the end of the season,” Bucs cornerback Ronde Barber said. “You just want an chance not be one guys teams. So for five weeks here, this team has to see a way to win and get ourselves back.”.

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6 Unintentionally Hilarious Songs

We’ll supply you with a moment to read that headline and try to puzzle through it. Trust us knowing the details won’t clear things up for you.

Joe Pesci has had a pretty appealing movie career, effortlessly switching between two types of roles: chaotic sociopaths (Goodfellas, betting house, and.) And lovely losers like in My Cousin Vinny, Where he plays the wise popping attorney Vincent LaGuardia Gambini, Who has to defend his cousin from a false murder charge. in some, a way, with a chain of decisions that no human logic could ever follow, they had Pesci make an album where he sings as that guy.

oddly, Pesci reinvents the character when it comes to the song, Quickly getting baffled by which film he was making the album for. So he winds up writing about how his lawyer character is a violent murderer, describing him more like Tommy from Goodfellas:

If there is a witness on tape that they play,

Probably a broad that that i used to lay,

The last one to talk was do not ever found.

So we wind with a song about life as a mobster, Rapped during a Blondie track, Sung by a rockschoolvalladolid.com/wp
fictional inexperienced lawyer who once showed up to a trial in an usher’s suit.

“The bow place: good or bad,

After sitting through rap boasts directly out of a Simpsons parody, We get to what can sort of be identified as the main “storyline” in “advisable Guy, Vinny talks about www.esunus.net
being ratted out by a girl he used to bang. on retribution, He runs over her friend, Buries her papa alive, And bangs Cheap Jerseys From China,Just Check It Out
her sibling:

Her brother didn’t like me, I hit him using truck.

Her brother was a rip, almost everyone got a cheap jersey

Her grand dad was a rat, So I hidden him alive.

And this is one kind of 14 tracks! Three of which give Pesci a writing credit! And did we mention the album came out six years after film production company?

everything about needed some time for “yoots” that you should funny again.

to 1991, After years of convincing kids that reading is for losers who can’t afford game consoles, Finally decided to give back to society and combat trouble of illiteracy. and a song. where it song was “ignorance Is Bliss, An upbeat piece sung the right way by Bowser, The Super Mario villain who’s never figured out why repeated false imprisonment hasn’t made Princess Peach love him yet.

Appearing on the official album White Knuckle Scorin’ (Where it was trialled by the band Jellyfish), “lack of knowledge Is Bliss” begins innocently enough with Bowser kidnapping Peach to lure Mario and Luigi to his lair. as well as, unexpectedly, The entire thing goes all there’ll be Blood after Bowser claims that he wants to use a magical book to turn Yoshi and his dinosaur family into oil.

With my marvel book, I’ll bath

Those awkward lizards with my power

Until Dinosaur Land is outright fossil fuel.

But that’s just not a problem because, fully grasp this: Bowser basically read.

So clients he keeps ignoring Peach’s restraining orders.

more, however, We also learn which title of “prejudice Is Bliss” may be referring to Peach being better off not knowing what Bowser is planning for her, What with words like: